The Find started with a sketch book, a road trip and Bill Murray.  

The Lamp.JPG

Gary (General Manager), Emily (First lady to the General Manager) and I piled into their car with little more than an idea and a need to do some serious thrift shop exploration. What we found was a long line of amazing people, all too ready to help us in our quest to rebuild. People like Alisa, who donated an amazing lamp and handmade saw. "That is the most World Bar thing I have ever seen," was all that Emily could say when Alisa pulled the lamp from the corner of the room. With a big smile Alisa told us that it used to belong to the "Standard Hotel" in Dunedin, where it hung above a grand piano. When Gary asked her if she would ever be willing to "get rid of it," she said "I already have" without any hesitation. 


Bill Murray is the patron saint of The Find. I'm not even sure how it happened, he just appeared to us on our delusional foray through the internet. Besides being big fans, we stumbled upon this pic & palette from The Life Aquatic, which inspired most (if not all) of our decision. From the website to the actual bar, these colors and the spirit of Bill are everywhere. What would Murray do? WWMD? That is the question.