Marketing Team Outline

Promo Team Expectations: You are the “mouth, eyes and ears” of  our consistent, unique & measurable promotional campaigns. You are expected to keep open communication with Alex and myself, for both positive and negative feedback concerning our services/events. You are also expected distribute promotional information via print and word of mouth, and sign members up for “company cards”. In order to do this, it’s important to build relationships (and remember names) of community clubs, hostels and bus drivers.

            You will be expected to maintain poster presence around town, as well as keep all of our poster stock up to date, laminated (if need be) and looking good.

Target Hostels: Nomads, Absoloot, Bumbles, Deco, Southern Laughter, The Lab, Pinewood, Adventure Queenstown, Aspen Lodge, Bungy Backpackers

Target Clubs: Queenstown Mountain Bike Club

Target Business: Cool businesses- R&RSport, Vertigo Bikes, Outside Sports, & “less cool” business (mostly for big events) Lawyers, housing, hotels, strippers (making sure you’re paying attention).

Target Tourism groups: Isite, Stray bus, Kiwi experience, Naked Bus, Contiki tours, and all the other bus drivers.

We also aim to market to cool people, who are interested in cool events or want to be cool. 

Channels: How we communicate with each of these groups. For most of them it will be word of mouth, visits, random acts of radness and the posters you put up, but for some it will include online promotion. I will specify messages and channels on a weekly basis so we are all on the same page, promoting the same thing at the same time.

Promo meetings will be on Mondays With Chris.

Evaluation: You will be evaluated on being consistent with who you visit. Visits will be documented via ipad and Company Card #’s. You may also be asked to track posters and coupons.

Bonuses:Now for the good stuff. You will be eligible for bonuses and perks, depending on hitting your benchmarks in regards to promoting. These benchmarks will be established with you as needed. Bonuses will be issued for meeting Company Card Sign Up quota, getting premium deals with new hostels and for driving specific traffic to the bar (special deal vouchers).

Promo shifts will be scheduled to work well with your bar shifts and events.