A fire happened in a neighboring business.  

It burned down our bar, meeting place, music venue, restaurant and clubhouse.

Like most of town, we were pretty bummed. So we decided to do something about it. So, we set up The Find, down the road at 53 Shotover street. 

The damage to the original World Bar building, located at 27 Shotover street was extensive and the building had to be brought down. The heat was so severe that it bent thick metal and melted anything that didn't explode or burn completely. Very, very few items survived. have worked hard on many options from rebuilding, to new locations, to renovating The Find. Landlords are very illusive beasts to work with and we are yet to fully determine what will happen at this location, we will post the information as soon as we have it available to us.  

We, The World Bar,  started in 1996 by two ambitious 20-somethings named Dave and Wardy. The same two dudes still own the business to this day. Back in the day, the bar was two levels and had a hole running through the middle of it. As you can imagine, a lot of shenanigans took place, you know, crazy 90's stuff like foam parties, indoor reverse bungy jumps, break dancing, analogue stuff and even a horse that came to hang out in the bar one night. Seriously, a horse. 

Not long after, the bar consolidated into the upstairs space, where it became a restaurant, two bars, a patio and rather wicked dance floor.  Continuous evolution of the venue has been key and shown such huge growth in the markets and people that we now call friends. From mini bike races around the bar, sardine catching on the back deck, snowboard movie premieres, all the way through to international acts performing live on our stage.... the old girl had seen it all. 

The real heritage comes from the legends--past and present--who have worked here, drank and partied here and built even the smallest details of the place. You're all friends and part of the family. As long as you keep supporting us and welcome the resurgence, we'll be back. In fact, we promise we will be.