The Stage

Well this little corner certainly was my favourite part of the venue.

The World Bar stage. It was small, a bit pokey and awkwardly shaped, as well as probably being only about 25cm high back in the original days of our live music scene.

It's intended purpose wasn't even to be a stage. Hence the staircase that used to run down into the middle of it! (Which was pretty good for rocking guitar solos we found.) However, things had to change for us to progress. And boy how it did. I won't allude to how we made things change just yet  but thanks to some hard work and some out there ideas, everything drastically improved. 

We've had some legends play on that wee stage, filled with character. From the original weekly gig of The Cartel/Mojo/Pistol Knights to the greats such as The Hilltop Hoods, Ahori Buzz, Sola Rosa, Homebrew Crew and DJ Yoda to name but a few. We have been truly blessed. 

It won't end here. WIth fresh ideas and a lot learned from the old joint, we're promising to increase your live music experience in the future. We want to make it more gig friendly on many fronts so we can continue to attract some epic acts to Queenstown. Live music may be on hold for the moment, but it's not leaving. We promise. 

A little before and after imagery below. That night someone really did set the stage on fire. 


The Stage, Monday 20th and 4 days later, Friday 24th May

The Stage, Monday 20th and 4 days later, Friday 24th May

The Plan

A fire happened. 

It burned our, bar, meeting place, music venue, movie theater, community room restaurant and clubhouse. Not to mention a shit load of nice, and some less-than-nice, liquor. 

We all saw it, that massive huge cloud. As the flames grew larger, our hopes of recovery diminished but our plans grew. Now we are working harder, drinking less and dreaming more than ever. As we've said before, Queenstown's community outreach has been huge, and it has helped us envision a future. A future back in this amazing community we all call home. 

Oh did you see the one about the horse that walked into a bar?

We will be back. It starts today.