It All Comes Full Circle

The first time I saw The Hilltop Hoods it was with a capacity crowd at The World Bar. There is a certain magic in getting to see a big name, multi award winning act in an intimate venue. The band seemed like they where having as much fun as the crowd, maybe even more. They effortlessly bounced around the small stage, rapping along with that kid in the front row that new all the words to every song. Everyone had their hands up, even the "too cool for school hipster dudes". Hilltop played two encores, taking the party late into the night, and making for some sore heads the next day. We got a picture from Dj Dabris, holding his shoe up like he was about to be sick outside of Queenstown Airport. 

Then the bar burned down. Despite this, we find ourselves one year later, with a different home yet the same attitude to bringing live music to Queenstown. We are more than happy to announce that The Hilltop Hoods will be again playing in Queenstown, at The Find. 

Details will be announced later this week via Facebook and Twitter. Follow us to get the latest info, and your shot at some free tix. 

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