It All Comes Full Circle

The first time I saw The Hilltop Hoods it was with a capacity crowd at The World Bar. There is a certain magic in getting to see a big name, multi award winning act in an intimate venue. The band seemed like they where having as much fun as the crowd, maybe even more. They effortlessly bounced around the small stage, rapping along with that kid in the front row that new all the words to every song. Everyone had their hands up, even the "too cool for school hipster dudes". Hilltop played two encores, taking the party late into the night, and making for some sore heads the next day. We got a picture from Dj Dabris, holding his shoe up like he was about to be sick outside of Queenstown Airport. 

Then the bar burned down. Despite this, we find ourselves one year later, with a different home yet the same attitude to bringing live music to Queenstown. We are more than happy to announce that The Hilltop Hoods will be again playing in Queenstown, at The Find. 

Details will be announced later this week via Facebook and Twitter. Follow us to get the latest info, and your shot at some free tix. 

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New Mix From Stubacca

Dj.Stubacca has more up his sleeve than a dirty magician, this mix proves it. You probably know him as The Find's saturday night party starter, but this mix is a step back to his roots in UK House and Garage, and its way too easy to listen to.  Yes, he is available for your private back bar parties, barmitzva, stag party, chill seesion or pretty much whatever other kind of musical occasion you need some diversity at. 

The Findings #1

“If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks.

I've had them; everybody has had them.

But obstacles don't have to stop you.

If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up.

Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it“,

- Michael Jordan.

What do basketball and a wallaby have in common? No, it’s not some new super sport that we’ve just invented but rather more simply two of our awesome decorations here at The Find. Two simple fixtures that have rather less simple stories behind procuring them. We asked: “Could you take the simple drive to Waimate and Dunedin to pick up an NBA Jam arcade game and a stuffed wallaby to decorate our venue with“? Our awesome staff Joe and Mike agreed to take on this short trip that turned out to be a lot more strenuous than they ever would have imagined.


Soldiering on from a heavy night out and void of sleep our dedicated boys set out in a rickety old van with no heating and the -5°C weather to wake them up. Having taken a 3 hour drive to discover a closed road and deciding to drive down it anyway our guys encountered the wrath of an angry local, wearing the shortest shorts man ever made, making them head back. Going back to take a different route the boys ran out of gas, forcing Joe to hitchhike to the station before they set away again. Having taken the brilliant decision in a hungover haze to wear no socks, Mike had a life expectancy almost as short as a Waimate local’s shorts by the time Joe returned. Fashioning a poncho each using blankets and scissors our frozen soldiers ploughed on.

Finally nearing the destination of the prized stuffed Wallaby, the boys encountered another road block in the shape of a wall of snow covering the road. Deciding on a new route the guys were welcomed to nearby town by the rather peculiar sight of two girls taking photos of a field of dead pigs. Sensing they were not in Kansas anymore, and with Auntie Em nowhere to be seen, the guys set out on foot to discover from the not-so-friendly locals they were, once again, going the wrong way. Returning to the van to find two more locals scoping it out, maybe looking to steal the guys prized ponchos, they decided to get the hell out of Dodge.


At last reaching a peculiar household taxidermy, the guys grabbed the wallaby and set out for the arcade machine which, thankfully for their sanity, they slam dunked without any further glitches. A night in a hotel later and only surpassing one man in need of help to save his car buried under 4 feet of snow, unluckily for him in an area with no phone reception, our weary warriors made it back to the bar in time for opening night.

So there it was, a simple 9 hour round trip taking 22 hours and bringing with it difficulties and frozen man parts the guys would care not to encounter again. So, what other great Finds do we have dotted around our venue for your gaming and viewing pleasure??? Well you’ll just have to come down and see for yourself…


The Stage

Well this little corner certainly was my favourite part of the venue.

The World Bar stage. It was small, a bit pokey and awkwardly shaped, as well as probably being only about 25cm high back in the original days of our live music scene.

It's intended purpose wasn't even to be a stage. Hence the staircase that used to run down into the middle of it! (Which was pretty good for rocking guitar solos we found.) However, things had to change for us to progress. And boy how it did. I won't allude to how we made things change just yet  but thanks to some hard work and some out there ideas, everything drastically improved. 

We've had some legends play on that wee stage, filled with character. From the original weekly gig of The Cartel/Mojo/Pistol Knights to the greats such as The Hilltop Hoods, Ahori Buzz, Sola Rosa, Homebrew Crew and DJ Yoda to name but a few. We have been truly blessed. 

It won't end here. WIth fresh ideas and a lot learned from the old joint, we're promising to increase your live music experience in the future. We want to make it more gig friendly on many fronts so we can continue to attract some epic acts to Queenstown. Live music may be on hold for the moment, but it's not leaving. We promise. 

A little before and after imagery below. That night someone really did set the stage on fire. 


The Stage, Monday 20th and 4 days later, Friday 24th May

The Stage, Monday 20th and 4 days later, Friday 24th May