"Are we nearly there yet?"

When’s The World Bar being rebuilt? That eternal question that I’ve been asked on at least one occasion every single day for the last 18months. No exaggeration. It get’s tricky repeating the same info, keeping cards close to the chest whilst not looking too hopeful or despondent at the days latest roller coaster behind the scenes. That fateful  question begins to ring in the head like a parent dealing with “are we nearly there yet’ on a long road trip to DisneyLand. So close, yet so far. 

Well hopefully we’re closer than ever. Positive outcomes are happening. We’re all working so hard on this project that we’re like the ducks on the Lake Wakatipu. Hopefully playing it cool and calm on the surface all the while paddling like hell beneath as giant slippery Eels try to nip our feet. Good news one day will come. That day may be soon if we have our way but again, as soon as we know, you will know. We’ve been too close too many times to get over excited but we’re encouraged. 

That initial question actually doesn’t bother me. It’s genuinely great that so many people care, they remember, they even long for The World Bar to return. As do we. I know we’ll deliver you something different, stand out and that little bit special. The Find appreciates the current love too. This place has evolved far beyond any of us ever imagined. Especially looking back at midnight, the day after the initial fire. An initial night of drowned sorrows brought the next night of planning. Myself and Chris were banging out plans and ideas to keep the staff employed and the brand and relationships alive. I'm pretty sure we did alright and we're proud of this little, tucked away, bundle of good times. 

So this is actually not a whinge about the aforementioned question. Keep it coming. I may surprise you with a more informative response soon! Firstly this is a little hello back to our blog. It's been a while. It’s also a thank you for caring about what happens to The World. It’s also a huge cheers to you lovers of The Find. To the teapot drinkers, to you burger eaters and #burgerboombox strutters. We just wanted to let you know that we’re planning something a little bit special. 

Cheers for the Love

Gary & Bill