A Bah Humbug Ho Ho Ho

Bah Humbug.....Ah go on then: Ho Ho ho!

A southern hemisphere Christmas is still so alien to someone who's used to a cold, rainy UK Christmas. Yes it's been 8 years of sunny, glorious festive seasons but it still just feels a bit odd. This year more than ever. Whirlwind business adventures, mental schedules and a long planned engagement meant that this year has snuck up quicker than ever. 

Finances are always tough, we're too busy to plan everything outside of work and energy,let alone sanity, are at weaning levels. This meant that personally this Christmas had that classic feel of Bah Humbug for the first real time ever. Sad times! Then it was time to think about cards and presents for friends of the bar. Shit. 

Could we cop out and buy some choccies? Let's get some generic xmas cards and be done with it. It was going through these thoughts that reality (thankfully) slaps you in the face. Thats not what iChristmas is about, it's not how we do things at The World Ltd. We've got to approach this different. Where the hell is the spirit of Christmas!? With energy and enthusiasm still relatively low, myself and my darling partner, Emily, decided to take on a cookie challenge, the likes of which a novice baker has never seen before.

A hellish trip to the grocery store, some cookie research and some cliché cookie cutters later we were underway at 7pm. "God I'm tired" must have been said over and over again but making the dough was admittedly fun, dancing around to some epic Soundcloud mixes. Stars, love hearts and a few 'token' shapes fianlly hit the oven in about 14 batches. 12.30am came and we finally had 170 cookies baked and ready for icing. That can wait until the morning....... A 7am coffee and shower meant the shaky hands were ready for icing. In this early morning start the festive feeling started to grow. Emily was on fire, dragging me along but I saw how much fun she was having. It was infectious and honestly, before you knew it, I was feeling so god damn Christmassy! Excitement to give out these presents was flushing my veins, knowing that hard work meant the recipients will be grateful for something a bit different! Burger Boom boxes were filled with homemade cookies, scorched almonds and Jelly Bean/Jaffa combos and i did some terrible bow wrapping (it's the thought that counts). I designed some hipster santa cards on Illustrator that were a little unique and bespoke from us and then........ shit we'd done it. Jingle all the bloody way. 

On delivery of these goodies, seeing people's excitement, gratefulness or stoney face (you know who you were neighbour!) made it all worthwhile. Even as I write this right now the Christmas spirit is within me. It may have taken a while, it may have been a hassle but it made sense of what Christmas is about again. It's not about you. It's not about money or presents. Nor solely for eating and drinking too much! It's about friends, family, gratefulness and just telling people you care. Getting together for a giggle and sharing stories. Even by a simple "Merry Christmas" you are wishing someone a bloody good time in my opinion.

So to all of you lot. Cheers for a wicked year again and a very 'Merry Christmas' from all of us at The Find. 


The Find is open Christmas Night from midnight to help spread the Christmas cheer!