A Bah Humbug Ho Ho Ho

Bah Humbug.....Ah go on then: Ho Ho ho!

A southern hemisphere Christmas is still so alien to someone who's used to a cold, rainy UK Christmas. Yes it's been 8 years of sunny, glorious festive seasons but it still just feels a bit odd. This year more than ever. Whirlwind business adventures, mental schedules and a long planned engagement meant that this year has snuck up quicker than ever. 

Finances are always tough, we're too busy to plan everything outside of work and energy,let alone sanity, are at weaning levels. This meant that personally this Christmas had that classic feel of Bah Humbug for the first real time ever. Sad times! Then it was time to think about cards and presents for friends of the bar. Shit. 

Could we cop out and buy some choccies? Let's get some generic xmas cards and be done with it. It was going through these thoughts that reality (thankfully) slaps you in the face. Thats not what iChristmas is about, it's not how we do things at The World Ltd. We've got to approach this different. Where the hell is the spirit of Christmas!? With energy and enthusiasm still relatively low, myself and my darling partner, Emily, decided to take on a cookie challenge, the likes of which a novice baker has never seen before.

A hellish trip to the grocery store, some cookie research and some cliché cookie cutters later we were underway at 7pm. "God I'm tired" must have been said over and over again but making the dough was admittedly fun, dancing around to some epic Soundcloud mixes. Stars, love hearts and a few 'token' shapes fianlly hit the oven in about 14 batches. 12.30am came and we finally had 170 cookies baked and ready for icing. That can wait until the morning....... A 7am coffee and shower meant the shaky hands were ready for icing. In this early morning start the festive feeling started to grow. Emily was on fire, dragging me along but I saw how much fun she was having. It was infectious and honestly, before you knew it, I was feeling so god damn Christmassy! Excitement to give out these presents was flushing my veins, knowing that hard work meant the recipients will be grateful for something a bit different! Burger Boom boxes were filled with homemade cookies, scorched almonds and Jelly Bean/Jaffa combos and i did some terrible bow wrapping (it's the thought that counts). I designed some hipster santa cards on Illustrator that were a little unique and bespoke from us and then........ shit we'd done it. Jingle all the bloody way. 

On delivery of these goodies, seeing people's excitement, gratefulness or stoney face (you know who you were neighbour!) made it all worthwhile. Even as I write this right now the Christmas spirit is within me. It may have taken a while, it may have been a hassle but it made sense of what Christmas is about again. It's not about you. It's not about money or presents. Nor solely for eating and drinking too much! It's about friends, family, gratefulness and just telling people you care. Getting together for a giggle and sharing stories. Even by a simple "Merry Christmas" you are wishing someone a bloody good time in my opinion.

So to all of you lot. Cheers for a wicked year again and a very 'Merry Christmas' from all of us at The Find. 


The Find is open Christmas Night from midnight to help spread the Christmas cheer!


"Are we nearly there yet?"

When’s The World Bar being rebuilt? That eternal question that I’ve been asked on at least one occasion every single day for the last 18months. No exaggeration. It get’s tricky repeating the same info, keeping cards close to the chest whilst not looking too hopeful or despondent at the days latest roller coaster behind the scenes. That fateful  question begins to ring in the head like a parent dealing with “are we nearly there yet’ on a long road trip to DisneyLand. So close, yet so far. 

Well hopefully we’re closer than ever. Positive outcomes are happening. We’re all working so hard on this project that we’re like the ducks on the Lake Wakatipu. Hopefully playing it cool and calm on the surface all the while paddling like hell beneath as giant slippery Eels try to nip our feet. Good news one day will come. That day may be soon if we have our way but again, as soon as we know, you will know. We’ve been too close too many times to get over excited but we’re encouraged. 

That initial question actually doesn’t bother me. It’s genuinely great that so many people care, they remember, they even long for The World Bar to return. As do we. I know we’ll deliver you something different, stand out and that little bit special. The Find appreciates the current love too. This place has evolved far beyond any of us ever imagined. Especially looking back at midnight, the day after the initial fire. An initial night of drowned sorrows brought the next night of planning. Myself and Chris were banging out plans and ideas to keep the staff employed and the brand and relationships alive. I'm pretty sure we did alright and we're proud of this little, tucked away, bundle of good times. 

So this is actually not a whinge about the aforementioned question. Keep it coming. I may surprise you with a more informative response soon! Firstly this is a little hello back to our blog. It's been a while. It’s also a thank you for caring about what happens to The World. It’s also a huge cheers to you lovers of The Find. To the teapot drinkers, to you burger eaters and #burgerboombox strutters. We just wanted to let you know that we’re planning something a little bit special. 

Cheers for the Love

Gary & Bill

It All Comes Full Circle

The first time I saw The Hilltop Hoods it was with a capacity crowd at The World Bar. There is a certain magic in getting to see a big name, multi award winning act in an intimate venue. The band seemed like they where having as much fun as the crowd, maybe even more. They effortlessly bounced around the small stage, rapping along with that kid in the front row that new all the words to every song. Everyone had their hands up, even the "too cool for school hipster dudes". Hilltop played two encores, taking the party late into the night, and making for some sore heads the next day. We got a picture from Dj Dabris, holding his shoe up like he was about to be sick outside of Queenstown Airport. 

Then the bar burned down. Despite this, we find ourselves one year later, with a different home yet the same attitude to bringing live music to Queenstown. We are more than happy to announce that The Hilltop Hoods will be again playing in Queenstown, at The Find. 

Details will be announced later this week via Facebook and Twitter. Follow us to get the latest info, and your shot at some free tix. 

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Burger Week Adventures

This is what happens when you give the staff at The Find a stack of burgers and a day off during Burgerweek. 

The song featured in the edit is by Queenstown's very own Killer Seas, who will be having their EP launch at The Find on Friday, February 5th. The guys will also be helping us give away a car on the same night. 

All you gotta do to win the car is come in, try a burger, fill out a raffle ticket and be at the show on Friday. Drawing will be held around 9:00, which is also Happy Hour with 1/2 price Teapots & $4 beers.The epic music will be complimentary. 

More footage coming soon. 


The Prize

Next week, we are giving away a classic 1984 Suzuki Alto! 

All you have to do is eat a burger.


Thats it. Sure you could try to tackle Queenstowns biggest burger- The Megaburger or get into one of our new $6 Shareplates but only the hamburgers will get you in the draw for the 1000cc of raw power in this sweet machine. 

On top of all that, like a thick slice of premium bacon, we have The Killer Sea's EP release. Raw soul music, best served with a single malt whisky, delivered straight to your ear holes. 

Friday night will feature the car raffle & Ep release. 


Teapot Specials

We are whipping up a million and one teapot ideas, in order to put our newly saved china to good use. Each week a different idea will be born from deep in the psyche of our greatest alcohol mixers. Jay is up the first week with a drink called The Steve: Vodka, Melon Liqueur & Amaretto. Trust us, you haven't tasted anything like this. Maybe its time to get off the Vodka, Lime & Soda's and try something new? 



teapot- week1.jpg

New Mix From Stubacca

Dj.Stubacca has more up his sleeve than a dirty magician, this mix proves it. You probably know him as The Find's saturday night party starter, but this mix is a step back to his roots in UK House and Garage, and its way too easy to listen to.  Yes, he is available for your private back bar parties, barmitzva, stag party, chill seesion or pretty much whatever other kind of musical occasion you need some diversity at. 

The Findings #1

“If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks.

I've had them; everybody has had them.

But obstacles don't have to stop you.

If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up.

Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it“,

- Michael Jordan.

What do basketball and a wallaby have in common? No, it’s not some new super sport that we’ve just invented but rather more simply two of our awesome decorations here at The Find. Two simple fixtures that have rather less simple stories behind procuring them. We asked: “Could you take the simple drive to Waimate and Dunedin to pick up an NBA Jam arcade game and a stuffed wallaby to decorate our venue with“? Our awesome staff Joe and Mike agreed to take on this short trip that turned out to be a lot more strenuous than they ever would have imagined.


Soldiering on from a heavy night out and void of sleep our dedicated boys set out in a rickety old van with no heating and the -5°C weather to wake them up. Having taken a 3 hour drive to discover a closed road and deciding to drive down it anyway our guys encountered the wrath of an angry local, wearing the shortest shorts man ever made, making them head back. Going back to take a different route the boys ran out of gas, forcing Joe to hitchhike to the station before they set away again. Having taken the brilliant decision in a hungover haze to wear no socks, Mike had a life expectancy almost as short as a Waimate local’s shorts by the time Joe returned. Fashioning a poncho each using blankets and scissors our frozen soldiers ploughed on.

Finally nearing the destination of the prized stuffed Wallaby, the boys encountered another road block in the shape of a wall of snow covering the road. Deciding on a new route the guys were welcomed to nearby town by the rather peculiar sight of two girls taking photos of a field of dead pigs. Sensing they were not in Kansas anymore, and with Auntie Em nowhere to be seen, the guys set out on foot to discover from the not-so-friendly locals they were, once again, going the wrong way. Returning to the van to find two more locals scoping it out, maybe looking to steal the guys prized ponchos, they decided to get the hell out of Dodge.


At last reaching a peculiar household taxidermy, the guys grabbed the wallaby and set out for the arcade machine which, thankfully for their sanity, they slam dunked without any further glitches. A night in a hotel later and only surpassing one man in need of help to save his car buried under 4 feet of snow, unluckily for him in an area with no phone reception, our weary warriors made it back to the bar in time for opening night.

So there it was, a simple 9 hour round trip taking 22 hours and bringing with it difficulties and frozen man parts the guys would care not to encounter again. So, what other great Finds do we have dotted around our venue for your gaming and viewing pleasure??? Well you’ll just have to come down and see for yourself…


Pow Turns for Charity

The Find is stoked to host Queenstown's Backcountry Film Festival, presented by R&R Sports. Join us for 7 of Skiing and Snowboarding best backcountry films. If we cant have deep snow, at least we can watch the deep stuff from BC, Alaska and Japan. 

$15 entry gets you the chance to win some gear from Black Diamond, Smith Optics and Mountain approach. In addition to that all proceeds benefit the Bruce Grant Youth Trust. Win gear and help a good cause.

Tickets available at R&R Sport or at the door at The Find. $5 discount for Over and Above Members. 

7:00PM Tuesday



Friends. Food. Art. Tunes. Booze. 

We are working hard to pull off a new bar in under 2 weeks.  

This project was inspired by a road trip and a somewhat famous man named Bill Murray.   

The Find comes from our quest to start over again. We know we can't replace what was lost, we can only look at today as the first day in 18-years-to-come. So we took a weekend to drive across New Zealand, find a couple items, get some books, meet some amazing people and get inspired. We even found a rug that really ties the room together. 

Opening Friday June 28, 2013.